Changes in the Tax Code from 1 January 2022

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The amendment to Act No. 563/2009 on the tax administration (Tax Code), which we have discussed in detail in the previous issues of our Newsletter, has been published in the Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic.

Below is a brief overview of the most significant changes effected by the amendment:

  • The tax authority will no longer issue tax registration certificates.
  • Introduction of taxpayer rating, the so-called Tax Reliability Index. The taxpayer rated as highly reliable will be entitled to tax benefits. The tax reliability criteria will be determined on the basis of a decree of the Slovak Ministry of Finance, which, however, is still in the legislative proceedings. Nevertheless, current wording of the proposed decree does not clearly define the individual criteria on the basis of which taxpayers will be rated; similarly, the weights of the individual criteria and the manner in which the final level of taxpayer reliability will be determined are yet to be specified.
  • Establishment of the institute of individual’s exclusion. This institute will enable tax administrator to issue a decision on the individual’s exclusion, who is the statutory body of a taxpayer and seriously violates the tax obligations. The consequence of the decision on the exclusion is that the excluded individual must not act as the statutory representative or be a member of the statutory body or the supervisory body in a company or a cooperative.
  • Reduction of the fee for binding opinions.

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