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An interdepartmental review procedure is expected to start within the next few days for the bill on on reporting of invoice data (e-invoice). The new law should introduce the obligation to submit structured data from the outgoing and incoming invoices to the tax authority in real time. The law is proposed to be effective from 2023.

Its objective is to expedite the submission of data on taxable income to the tax authority that should enable to perform a more accurate and timely tax audits. In this way, the Slovak government seeks to prevent tax evasion in the area of VAT and income tax.

From 1 January 2023, all businesses (including self-employed entrepreneurs) will be obliged to send invoice data to the tax authority if the income for the goods and services invoiced is subject to income tax or VAT. All the data will have to be sent to the tax administration through the e-invoice system before the invoice is sent to the customer. The extent of the data being submitted may vary from case to case; in general, the data will include supplier and customer data, information about the invoice, and data about the taxable transaction.

Customers will then have to notify the tax authority of the receipt of the invoice provided that they claim VAT deductions or income tax expenses. This obligation must be fulfilled before claiming these rights.


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