Draft amendment to the Tax Code from 1 January 2021

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The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic published preliminary information on the prepared amendment to the Tax Code, which has the following three basic objectives:


  1. Strengthening the tax reliability index – the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic is to publish, on its website, precisely determined indicators and the method of assigning the reliability index, including a list of tax entities with their assigned degree of reliability index, while each type of assessment will entail appropriate benefits. Among other things, taxpayers will have the opportunity to find out where and what their shortcomings are so they can improve their assessment.
  2. Introduction of the institute of simultaneous tax inspections for the purpose of a comprehensive examination of the entire business chain within a single tax inspection in the cases of suspected tax evasion. This basically means, that if one company is suspected, all other entities that may have been involved in the tax fraud will also be inspected.
  3. Public register of tax unreliable persons – this is an amendment to the Tax Code following the provisions of the Commercial Code relating to disqualified persons. The purpose is to prevent such persons from accessing positions in business companies and to increase the effectiveness of the fight against tax fraud. The business community by itself will thus have a chance to verify the credibility of potential business partners in advance.


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