Remuneration for hours worked at night and during holidays – Stage 2

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The amendment to the Labour Code effective as of 1 May 2018 will be entering its second stage from 1 May 2019, bringing with it a further increase in premium pay for employees who work at night and on weekends.

This second stage will increase premium pay for night work from the current 30% of the minimum hourly wage to 40%. For high-risk professions, the amount shall be increased from the current 35% of the minimum hourly wage to 50%.

Premium pay for weekend work is set to be doubled. For work on Saturdays, employees will enjoy an increase from the current 25% of the minimum hourly wage to 50%. Double time will be paid for Sundays, as the current premium rate of 50% of the minimum hourly wage is to be increased to 100%.

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