The amount of the meal allowance will not increase temporarily

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On 21 May 2020, Act No. 127/2020 Coll. relating, inter alia, to Act No. 283/2002 Coll. on Travel Expenses, took effect. Given the declaration of an emergency situation in connection with the spread of the dangerous contagious human disease COVID-19, this act will temporarily not increase the amount of meal allowance and compensation for the use of road motor vehicles.


The determination of the amount of meal allowance for the specified time zones and of the amount of basic compensation for the use of road motor vehicles will thus continue to be based on the measure issued on 1 July 2019, when the last increase in meal allowance amounts was made.


The amount of travel expenses also determines the value of meal allowance vouchers, which will not increase as a result of this change. Pursuant to the adopted act, the amounts of meal allowance remain unchanged until 31 December 2021. All employers were thus given a helping hand and a guarantee during the corona crisis that these costs would not increase temporarily.


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