Transmission of data to the Financial Administration within the e-invoicing information system

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As we already informed you in previous editions of our newsletter, the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic together with the Financial Administration is working on the introduction of a unified process of electronic invoice circulation through the electronic invoicing information system (from Slovak language informačný systém elektronickej fakturácie, “IS EFA“). In practice, it will be a system for transmitting data from issued as well as received invoices to the portal of the Financial Administration, which should contribute to reducing the administrative burden for entrepreneurs and should gradually lead to the abolition of the VAT control statement and also to simplification in filling out tax returns.

The public testing phase of the IS EFA prototype is scheduled to take place in June 2022, while the process of electronic invoice circulation should be officially introduced for all entrepreneurs in January 2023. It is intended to allow entrepreneurs with their own software to transfer the invoice data directly to the IS EFA without the need for further intervention. A free web-based application will be available for small businesses, allowing both the issuance and transfer of electronic invoices to the IS EFA.

In order to ensure a higher quality of service and transparency of IS EFA, the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic decided to allow the public to participate in the design of improvements to e-invoicing before it is put into live operation. During the testing phase, both the professional public and entrepreneurs will be allowed to test working with the online application or the integration via the OpenAPI system. Full technical details with the possibility to test the system can be found at

If the public or entrepreneurs have questions, comments or suggestions for improvement, these can be sent via email to:



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