We are helping Ukraine

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TPA Slovakia operates in Slovakia, a country bordering Ukraine. Our neighbour has been attacked and the people of Ukraine, their freedom and democracy are under threat.

Functional democracy, peace and mutual respect are important for freedom and well-being. In our country, in neighbouring countries and all around the World.

We are watching the current situation in Ukraine, we see the suffering of our neighbours and also their immense courage, which is a powerful inspiration for us.

Humanity is one of the three core values we chose years ago to profess in our daily professional lives. Today we have the opportunity and also the obligation to show it.

TPA Slovakia is working in cooperation with the non-governmental organisation Človek v ohrození Slovensko (“People in Need Slovakia”), which carries out humanitarian interventions at the Slovak-Ukrainian border and is preparing to provide assistance in the war-torn areas of Ukraine. In the last couple of days, TPA partners, employees and their families collected over 13,000 euros for Človek v ohrození to be spent addressing the humanitarian crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine.

If you would like to help the struggling people of Ukraine, we recommend the following organisations:

ČLOVEK V OHROZENÍ (People In Need) has been helping in Ukraine for a long time. After the tragic events in Kiev’s Maidan Square of February 2014, they were the first in Slovakia to announce a collection to help Ukraine. They now focus primarily on helping on the Slovak-Ukrainian border. They are ready to lend a helping hand to Ukrainians finding a temporary home in Slovakia. As soon as the situation allows, they are ready to help people on the spot, providing them with food, water, medicines, safe accommodation and psychological support.

MAGNA operates internationally and provides assistance to children and their families in need, including victims of natural disasters, wars and conflict. MAGNA has its stocks of medical supplies in Ukraine and is currently checking which medical centres need them most and where they will be distributed.

Slava Ukraini!