Annual Audit

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The aim of both the legally required as well as the voluntary audit is the submission of an audit opinion as to whether the financial statements comply with legal requirements and to provide as accurately as possible an indication of the situation as regards assets, liabilities, cost and revenues.

The audits which we can carry out for you of, among others, your annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements are executed in accordance with national and international standards for all types of companies, of all sizes, irrespective of the sector.

Our audits are carried out in accordance with a risk-oriented audit approach, which is based on national and international rules.
Our audits include the investigation of operational procedures and the controls implemented and installed therein as regards the effects on an efficient Internal Control System.

We will carry out the following audits for you:

  • Audits of annual financial statements according to the SAS (Slovak accounting standards) for companies of all sizes and from all sectors
  • Audits of affiliated groups including the audits required in accordance with the IFRS
  • Audits of financial services companies
  • Audits of foundations
  • Audits of associations and non-profit organizations
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