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We live in a time in which the permanent availability of energy is a given. Due to the increased needs in electricity, gas as well as in the heat and water supply, the demands and challenges facing companies in this sector will increase greatly in the future. Therefore, we from TPA, regularly publish studies which address the energy sector in Central and South Eastern Europe.

Renewable Energy

In the area of renewable energy, in particular, the demand for energy will continue to increase, above all in the industrialised countries, in order to offer the end-user „clean“ energy. The more pronounced environmental awareness of individuals contributes to this current trend.

Branch-specific knowledge and long-standing experience are necessary to indicate and force current and future developments in this field in an optimal manner, thereby securing company success. To do so, one must be able, amongst others, to comply with numerous and divergent national subsidy, tariff and environmental protection guidelines and to react quickly to national and international market conditions which are in a state of constant change.

Heat and water supply

What distinguishes the heat and water supply sector is price regulation, which has a big influence on the market. Another characteristic of the sector is the strong connection to local authorities, as well as a growing use of new technologies, especially in the heat supply sector. Long term experience in this sector enable us to deal quickly and effectively with all concerns affecting your business.