Payroll Accounting

The field of labor law is constantly undergoing new updates. It is desirable to have a partner that is always up to date with the current status of affairs and is aware of the trends and opportunities you can grasp today and use them for your growth tomorrow. Our clients know from their own experience that they can rely on us completely.

We will gladly advise you in following areas of interest:

  • Monthly wages and salary accounting with all evaluations which are required by the employer, employee and authorities
  • Calculation of accruals for bonuses, holiday, special payments
  • Evaluation of travel expenses
  • Support during a control by the Tax Office/Social Security Authority/Regional Health Insurance Office
  • Payroll accounting-check
  • Advice in all payroll matters
  • Advice on the optimal structure of managing directors’ remuneration in terms of tax and social insurance
  • Specific consultancy in the fields of labour law, social insurance law and tax issues (eg consideration of the optimal form od employment relationships)
  • Specific consultancy for Expats (taxes, social insurance, registration)
  • Preparation of relvant payroll internal rules