Tax Structuring / National & International

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In the field of tax structuring, we can offer advice on both a national and international basis as TPA is one of the leading consultancy companies, far beyond the Slovak borders, in Central and South Eastern Europe.

The increasing legal regulation in the new EU Member States, the growing significance of EU law and the ever greater orientation of our clients abroad requires the presence of specialists on-site.

TPA offices can be found throughout Central and South Eastern Europe.

TPA has offices in Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary and continues this path in „new“ countries. Cross-border support of our clients is a given for us. At every office, we offer you a German and English consultant, in accordance with our „German-English Desk“ concept.

The Baker Tilly International is designed to facilitate cooperation at both the regional and global level, to apply the internationally available knowledge and experience and to advise our clients in a prompt and efficient manner.

As such we can design optimal cross-border tax structures for you and your company, help to internationalise your company, and, thereby also here to cross borders.

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