Digitisation of accounting

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Digitisation is a big topic in every segment, including accounting. The amendment to the Accounting Act, which has been effective since January 2022, aims to reduce the administrative burden of management of accounting for entrepreneurs, in particular through changes in the area of computerisation and digitisation of accounting, with an emphasis on the need for an internal control system of accounting records. For more information, please see our last newsletter from the previous year: An amendment to the Accounting Act could simplify accounting for entrepreneurs.

We would like to recommend the Finmatics system, which we have successfully implemented in our internal and external projects. Want to know more? You can watch the experience of our Director, Marian Čerňanský, in the videos on Youtube: Automated processing of documents by artificial intelligence and E-workflow solutions.

We would also be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you to provide a presentation of the system.