Sustainability Report 2022 – TPA Group

We are proud to present the first groupwide sustainability report of the TPA Group. In a time when the global community is facing unprecedented challenges, it is crucial for businesses to take responsibility and transparently communicate their sustainability efforts.

We have recognized that our responsibility extends far beyond financial performance. We are aware that our activities can have an impact on people, communities, and the environment. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to making sustainability an integral part of our cross-border corporate strategy.

In this sustainability report, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive insight into our endeavours. We report on our initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint, whether by promoting energy efficiency, switching to renewable energy or reducing our waste generation. Furthermore, we will delve into our efforts to support an inclusive and diverse work culture, where every employee receives equal opportunities and diversity is valued.

In this sustainability report, we provide an insight of the activities of TPA Group in the year 2022.

We hope that this report is of interest to you and wish you a pleasant read!


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Sustainability Report 2022 – TPA Group

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