Balance accounts accessible via Financial Administration web portal

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With its new pro-client solution, the Financial Administration is now even closer to its users and achieving full digitisation. More specifically, the personal account of the tax entity, i.e. the balance account, has now been made accessible to taxpayers. Taxpayers will thus be able to view their personal account, anywhere and at any time, without the need for any communication with the Financial Administration, by accessing the Financial Administration’s web portal. On the one hand, taxpayers will have more effective control over their accounts, while on the other, the Financial Administration expects this solution to improve taxpayer compliance with their tax obligations.

The balance account will be accessible to all tax entities that communicate electronically with the Financial Administration. The balance account can be accessed both by users with limited access to the Financial Administration’s services as well as those with full access, with access to balance accounts being granted automatically in both cases. However, users with restricted access must first acquire designated authorisation to access the personal accounts. This authorisation is obtained in accordance with the standard rules governing access to the Financial Administration’s services, e.g. on the basis of legal status or power of attorney. Otherwise, i.e. where users do not have this right, they must first apply to the tax office for the right to view their balance account. Multiple authorised users can have access to a single balance account.

Users with access to a specific balance account will always have access to all of the data for the given account in a structured format. Examples of this data include those relating to prescriptions of advance payments, paid or unpaid tax obligations, unreimbursed excess deductions and overpayments, etc. This data will always be updated as of the day preceding the date of publication on the Financial Administration’s web portal.

We believe that this innovative project of the Financial Administration will not only benefit the Financial Administration itself, but will also be welcomed by the users themselves and help achieve the expected transparency and efficiency.

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