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  • Work from home

An employer may instruct employees to work from home, if the nature of the work allows it. At the same time, employees become entitled to work from home, if the nature of the work allows it.

  • Obstacles to work and salary compensation in a state of emergency

All employers who need to restrict or stop work must provide salary compensation amounting to 80% of the employee’s average monthly earnings, and at least equal to the minimum wage. This applies in cases where employees cannot work at all or in part when the employer stops or restricts work based on a decision made by a competent authority or when stopping or restricting a company’s work as a result of declaring an emergency situation.

  • Determining annual leave

Conditions for ordering use of annual leave in terms of the employer’s obligation to give notice in advance shall be adjusted, by reducing the set time to at least 7 days in advance. If annual leave has been carried over from the previous year or years, this time is reduced to at least 2 days.

  • Employee protection

Employee protection from termination of employment and protection upon return to employment is added if employees claim an important personal obstacle to work to take care of a family member who has fallen sick or to look after a child. This also applies to employees who are required to go into quarantine measures (isolation requirement). This will secure the same protection as provided to employees who are temporarily unable to work.

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